The Weeknd - Often [NSFW] from Sam Pilling on Vimeo.

© 2014 The Weeknd XO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings

Director: Sam Pilling
Producer: Sarah Park
Executive Producer: Laura Tunstall
DP: Pat Scola
Focus Puller: Jake Bianco
Prod Supervisor: Courtney Carreras
1st AD: Kenny Taylor
moco operator: Chris Toth
Prod Designer: David Dreyer
Wardrobe: Laura Francis
Hair / Make-up: Neicy Small
Edit: Sam Pilling
Post: Ryan Wieber
Colour: Ricky Gausis @MPC
Director’s Rep: Jamie Kohn Rabineau @LARK

kassandra kassar
Jemma Dallender
Ariel Lee King

J.Cole - She Knows (ft. Amber Coffman & Cults) from Sam Pilling on Vimeo.

Music video by J. Cole feat. Amber Coffman & Cults performing She Knows. (C) 2014 Roc Nation LLC

Director: Sam Pilling
Producer: Sarah Park
Executive Producer: Laura Tunstall
DP: Pat Scola
Focus Puller: Jake Bianco
Editor: Ellie Johnson @Speade
Colourist: James Tillett @MPC
Sound Design: Luis Almau & Henning Knoepfel @Sound Tree
Casting Director: Ivy Isenberg
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor / Evrard Salomon
Production Designer: Mandy Cheng
Sound Recordist: Martin Kittappa
Commissioner: Chaka Pilgrim
Director’s Rep: Jamie Kohn Rabineau @LARK

Kyle: Armani Cooper
Dad: Harold Perrineau
Mom: Rochelle Aytes
Friend: Taqwa Thomas
Cop: Mike Tellez
Lover: J.Cole

Copelan Hackwith
Zak Razvi
Rik Green
Gerry Lindfield
Ore Okenedo
Dylan Mulick
Bryan Younce

ALT-J [hunger of the pine] from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

From the forthcoming album ‘This Is All Yours’
Available on iTunes here:

Director: NABIL
Producer: Claire Oxley
DOP: Ben Magahy
Editor: Julia Knight
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Lead VFX: Adam Watson
Post House: Electric Theater Collective
Art Director: CIaran Beale
Costume: Emma Savill
Sfx makeup: Anna Thompson

Inside Me ( Nils Frahm - Me Rework) from Dmitry Zakharov on Vimeo.

This project is based on a 3D-scan technique, which allows me to reproduce an image of my own body as a 3D object in a software. It is possible to view this object not just from outside, but also from the inside as a negative as well, which creates abstract shapes.
The colouration was generated with the help of colour data I took from a real picture.

The film reflects the invisible inner world of an individual, which owns a small universe in itself, created by experiences and feelings - as well in the digital world as in real life. We try to express ourselves and approach our world another being, but still, nobody can see in our souls entirely.

For me, the process of scanning is a very important part of this work itself.
The idea of digitising a body and hence the creation and deformation of its computer generated self, reflects the digital world we live in today. We create an alternative world, in which everybody can be what they want to be. In some way, it resembles to an act of creation.
We never stop building more worlds for ourselves, even though there are already various ones encircling us, that we don’t even understand yet.
Each universe encloses another, which creates a new one, and the world next to us still seems far away. And so we look into infinity again, which inevitably surrounds us.

Concept & Animation by
Dmitry Zakharov

sound by
Nils Frahm - Me ( Karsten Lutz Rework )

Special Thanks to: Karsten Lutz, Daniel Weiss, Juliane Sonntag & Bianca Eversheim

nick+maria • england wedding from Paperback Weddings on Vimeo.

this was a very special wedding for us. katie and i got to fly out with our good friends tyler + katie branch (you must go see their pictures from this wedding…amazing), to the small town, Haslington outside of Manchester. maria picked us up from the airport, giddy and excited, and we felt like we had known her for years. being that it was the first time that we met her, and we were filming her wedding two days later, we were all glad that we hit it off right away. the next couple days consisted of getting to know nick+maria better, and getting to see the venue locations for the first time. their wedding day was so special and unique to them, from the getting ready and seeing Maria get to video chat with her mom back in California, to Nick getting to just have some relaxing time with his best man, and knowing that both of them were so anxious to see each other. their chapel was on an epic proportion—i mean how often do you get to see or visit or pink chapel in the middle of nowhere? and the special baptismal ceremony for their son Jackson was great to be a part of. and hands down, once all the business was taken care of, these people knew how to have a good time, with hours of dancing, chinese lantern send off and great food. we had a blast getting to know, capture and hang out with Nick, Maria and Jackson—and have the best of wishes for their family! we are so glad to have made these friends.


EOSHD Shootout - SONY A7S + 5D Mark III raw + Panasonic GH4 + Blackmagic Pocket + FS100 + A7R + A6000 from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

A look at how the Sony A7S with S-LOG 2 and 4K HDMI output compares to the closest competition on image and price. (Download the original file to watch it without the heavy compression from Vimeo).

Please forgive the shift to magenta and purple in some of the A7S shots - I am still finding my way with the grading it is surprisingly tricky. Not sure if it is a bug in the camera but a quick fix for the hue shift to purple is to change Color Mode in S LOG 2 from S Gamut to ITU709 Matrix.

Part of The Evolving Sony A7S Review at EOSHD -

Music by Ofer Hauptman - Chains

This song is so sick it’s burning up!

(Source: Spotify)

T F - M A D from Backstagesexblog on Vimeo.

Imagenes del viaje desde Tenerife a Huelva en el Barco y de Huelva a Madrid timelapse de 7 horas en el coche.
48h - 2045km
Nikon D7000 
GoPro Hero 3 + Black
Iglomat - Enter Sandmonster / /

Le rêve de Marina from louisiane trotobas on Vimeo.

P 1 from paul schefz on Vimeo.

Theatre Downtown: KILLER JOE from MacArthur Bougeré on Vimeo.

Written by Tracy Letts.

edgertronic high-speed video camera Kickstarter promo video from edgertronic on Vimeo.

edgertronic high-speed video camera Kickstarter promo video

More info at

Making Room from The Music Bed on Vimeo.

License this track from Bradford Nyght on The Music Bed:

For Philip Bloom, the path to success hasn’t been a sprint. It’s been a patient journey marked by an intentional separation between work, art, and life. Years of building a film career has shown him that the greatest rewards in life come when you’re creating space for the relationships that matter most.

Hear Philip’s curated Playlist on TMB:

Drowning Mother Nature from Sorrentini Steven on Vimeo.

Mother Nature Mini Series Chapter 1 - Fall In Love With Your Dreams

Virginia Beach

Song By: Active Child -See thru Eyes

01 The Summer Blockbuster Colour Grading Tutorial from Juan Melara on Vimeo.

In this tutorial I show you my take on The Summer Blockbuster look - using the powerful 2 node subtractive colour setup.

Make sure you read the accompanying blog post as it goes into more detail than what’s possible in the video -
I suggest trying out the techniques on the tutorial footage first, as it’s easier to know when you’re heading in the right direction. Download all the necessary footage/files from the link above.

Man with the gun footage kindly provided by Toby Linden -

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